Replica of Chris Kyle’s 338 Lapua Sniper Rifle.

We just finished this replica of Chris Kyle’s 338 Lapua Sniper Rifle.

McMillan G30 Action
McMillan A5 Stock
Schneider 10 twist 26.5″ Barrel
Jewell Trigger
Elite Iron Muzzlebrake
Badger Bottom Metal & Mag
Harris Bipod
Leupold Scope & Rings

More Rifles Out to Customers!

Rifles ready to go!

We’ve finished up the barrel work for 4 more rifles today!

  • .375 Cheytac
  • .338 Lapua
  • .260 Remington
  • 6.5×47 Lapua (pictured below)

If you are interested in having a quality rifle built in one of these calibers, or any other, give us a call and we’ll get you squared away! We’ll work with you to build any kind of rifle that suits your needs.

Cold Bore 375 Cheytac at 2477 Yards

From Maverick Stroud- Want to brag on my friend Kelly Barbee for a second. Having zero experience on my 375 cheytac he laid down and i gave him his holds for a 2477 yard shot on a 1.5 moa plate. He tagged his cold bore shot on video in a 11 mph effective wind catching the left edge of the plate. Well done on your longest shot kelly! And thank you Robert Vestal for building an absolute laser!!

First Place at Frontline Defense

Matt Enigk took first place at the Frontline Defense Absolute Zero Sniper match on March 4th using a rifle chambered by Vestal’s Gunsmithing in 6.5×47 Lapua. The barrel is at 2500 rounds and is still shooting lights out.

  • American Rifle Company Mausingfield
  • Bartlein 1:8″ Rem Varmint @ 26″
  • Berger 130 AR Hybrids @ 2885fps
  • McRees G10 Chassis
  • Timney Calvin Elite Single Stage
  • Vortex Razor Gen II
  • Kahntrol Solutions Muzzle Brake

6.5 Creedmoor at a Mile

Nathan Clowers used his Vestal’s Gunsmithing 6.5 Creedmoor to put several good hits on the 1 mile plate at Bangsteel Longrange Shooting School near Wytheville, VA. The rifle is meticulously built and a real beauty. Nathan used Hornady factory ammo to get the job done (140 grain ELD-M). Awesome job, Nathan!

Rifle Specs:

  • 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Remington 700 (trued)
  • Bartlein 8 twist 24″ HV
  • McMillan A5 stock converted from right to left hand
  • Jewell Trigger
  • Badger bottom metal
  • Alpha Mag
  • Badger rail
  • Fluted bolt
  • Modified Surgeon knob
  • Thunderbeast brake
  •  FDE cerakote barreled action

Another picture of the finished rifle:

Antelope Hunt Long Range Custom Rifle

Hunting Trip 837 Yds

Antelope Hunt Long Range Custom Rifle

One of our customers used a rifle built by us to take an antelope at 837 yards on a hunting trip. Good job!