6BR Norma Pistol

6BR Norma (.268 NK)
Remington XP-100 (trued)
Bartlein 15″ 8 twist 1.250″ straight
McMillan stock
Jewell trigger
Cerakoted action and bolt

.284 Win Match

284 Win Match
Stiller Predator “Medium”
McMillan Tactical Hunter Stock
Brux 26″ 8.5 Twist
Timney Calvin Elite Trigger
Custom Muzzlebrake
Cerakoted Graphite Black

408 Cheytac

408 Cheytac
Lawton 8000 action
Lawton 31″ fluted barrel
Mcrees Chassis
Jewell Trigger (8oz)
Premier 5-25×56 H-37
Badger rings
Sniper-Tool cosine indicator
Custom Muzzlebrake


Rem 700 (Trued)
6BR .268 neck
Bartlein 5R 8 twist 28″
Timney Trigger
PT&G single shot follower
HS Precision Stock
Marine-Tex bedded

338 Norma

Surgeon 1581 XL action
.338 Norma Mag
.300 Norma Mag
Switch barrel
Broughton barrels 30″
.338-9.5 twist
.300-10 twist
AI AX chassis and mags
Jewell Trigger

458 Mauser

1909 Argentine Mauser action
.458 Win Mag
Mcgowen barrel 24″
Commercial Shroud
Bold Trigger
Remington 798 stock
Winchester 70 bolt handle
All steel melonited
Engraved bolt stop
Drilled and tapped


6BR (.268 neck)
Rem 700 (Trued)
Brux HV contour 28″ 8 twist
Shurley Brothers Stock
Jewell Trigger

408 Cheytac

408 Cheytac
BAT Machine action
Lawton 30″ Fluted barrel
Lawton Muzzlebrake
McMillan A-5 stock
Jewell trigger
Vortex Razor 5-20
Badger rings

50 BMG Match

50 BMG/Match
McMillan TAC 50 action
30″ Lilja Barrel
McMillan Muzzlebrake
Jewell trigger
USO 5-25/H-37 reticle
Badger rings
McMillan BIG MAC stock


Remington 700 (trued)
Brux 21″ 9 twist
Bell & Carlson Stock
Timney trigger
BDL bottom metal
Nightforce 2.5-10 Compact
Talley ring/base

338 Norma Magnum

.338 Norma Magnum
Rem 700 (Trued) Left hand
McGowan match 27″ 10 twist
PTG oversized bolt
Vias brake
Bell & Carlson medalist stock
Nightforce 5.5-22
Seekins rings
Ferrell 60moa base
Atlas bipod
Barreled action melonited

338 Lapua

.338 Lapua
Stiller Tac 338 action
Bartlein 9.5 twist 28″
Manners T2A stock
Schuler brake
Vortex PST Viper 6-24
Seekins Precision Rings
Harris Bipod
Cerakote Paint
Timney trigger
BDL bottom metal

338 Cheytac

.338 Cheytac
Stiller Tac 408 action
Benchmark 30″ barrel
Muscle brake
Mcrees Chassis
Jewell trigger
Vortex Razor 5-20
Badger rings
Atlas bipods

308 Bisley

308 Bisley
Stiller Tac 30 action
Pacnor fluted 21″ barrel
McMillan T3 stock
Bushnell tactical 3.5-21
PTG bottom metal
Alpha mag
Jewell trigger
RWS brake
Custom Cerakote

284 Match

284 Match
Bartlein 9 twist 26″
Lawton action
H-S Precision stock
Atlas bipods
Jewell trigger
Nightforce 8-32×56
Badger rings