ELR pushes the limits of long range rifle shooting. What defines the range as “extreme” depends on the performance of the rifle you’re shooting.

9.5×77 (.403″ Neck)

9.5×77 (.403” Neck) BAT Machine Company Inc. Model L Accurate Rifle Systems Chassis Bartlein Barrels, Inc 7 twist Bix’n Andy trigger Terminator T5 muzzlebrake

416 Barret Match

416 BARRETT MATCH JJ ROCK CO. JJR-50 Action McMillan Fiberglass Stocks Gen 2 Beast Stock Triggertech Diamond Trigger K & P Gun Company Barrel 40” Terminator T5+ muzzlebrake

9.5×77 (.403NK)

9.5×77 (.403NK)McMillan Fiberglass Stocks MBR TooleyLawton ActionRock Creek Barrels, Inc. 32”Terminator T5 muzzlebrakeJewell TriggersPhoenix Bipod