Robert Vestal

Like most good gunsmiths, he grew up with a passion for guns. At age 10, he started studying and collecting cartridges. As time passed, Robert studied more about ballistics, and has even designed a few wildcats of his own. He attended an accredited 2 year gunsmithing school and graduated top of his class in January 2006. Robert has shot 600 yard bench rest, so he has a great understanding of the need to have an accurate rifle. Also, he has hiked and hunted the Rocky Mountains, so he knows what it means to have a rifle that’s reliable when you need it for that once-in-a-lifetime trophy. Robert has recently became the Regional Director for USRA.  So if you have an idea for a project, Robert Vestal would be glad to assist you.

Richard Eller

 Richard is an Army Infantry Veteran of 8 years with combat experience. He grew up in the business; his father was a gunsmith and machinist. Richard later attended 2 years of community college where he studied under the machinist program. In 2010 he brought his skills to Vestal’s Gunsmithing & Custom Rifles. Being an avid shooter and reloader, he specializes in handguns, military weapons, and machining. Richard is now a certified NRA pistol instructor.

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